One Direction Preferences
does one direction like black girls i really want to know thankxssss

I think so, yes :) I mean everybody, doesn’t matter black, white, asian, short, tall, ginger, blonde,… is beautiful and I dont think any of the boys would choose a girlfriend only because of her looks or because they search for a special type. You’re character should be way more important to every boy (not only the 1d-boys) :) To answer your question: sure it’s possible, but ask the boys ;)

Can you do an imagine where im (Alexis, most call lexy) making dinner, while singing and dancing waiting for zayn to get home, and he does but i dont hear 'cuz the music is so loud and i turn around realizing he caught me?

Zayn comes home today. You were more than happy, because he left for tour 6 weeks ago and it feels like years. So you decided to make him his favorite dinner.

As always you cook with passion which means music. Zayn complains about the volume every time, but you’re the cook, so it’s not his deal.

What he doesn’t know is that you sing to the music when he’s not at home. It’s a secret you kept for yourself. Unlike Zayn.

He’s the one singing the whole day long. You won’t complain about it, really, you enjoy it. But in his presence you can’t. So you sing in his absence.


“Cause you make me feel like, I’ve been locked out of heeeeaaavvvennnn for too lououong, for too lououong…” you belt out the song that is playing on the radio. Dancing around in the kitchen, you completely forget about the time.

The food is almost ready, just the final touch is missing. You add it carefully and taste it one last time, while humming the final chorus.

“Can I just stay heeereeee? Spend the rest of my days heeeeeerreeee?” someone whispers in your ear and hugs you from behind. You scream before realizing who it is.

“ZAYN!”  He laughs and gives you a kiss. “You scared me!” you complain before hugging him tightly.

“I’m sorry, love. That wasn’t my intention. Just wanted to say hello to my talented superstar.” You hit him playfully. That was what you’ve expected if he ever hears you singing.

“I knew you’ll make fun of me. That’s why I never sing.”

“You got me wrong, Lexy! I love your voice. And who could know it better than me?” he jokes and begins to dance with you.

Hope you like it! x

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Preference #8 : how he kisses you

Niall:     He looks at you with his bright blue eyes, showing you all his feelings with that before he gently kisses you. Both smiling, you share this moment, knowing that you love each other more than anything else.


Louis:     His kisses are very intense, letting you know how much he loves you. He takes your chin in his hand and tilts your head up, like they do it in the movies when the boy shows the girl that he is serious about it.


Harry:     Everytime he kisses you, there is not really space between you two. He pulls you as close as possible, wraps his arms around you and kisses you passionate. You can’t help, but losing yourself completely in him.


Liam:     Liam is spontanous with kisses. He surprises you everytime with that. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking with someone or just standing there. He’ll hug you from behind, pull you closer and whisper a simple but honest ‘I love you’ in your ear before kissing you soft and loving.


Zayn:     He makes sure that your whole attention is on him before he kisses you, wanting every kiss to be a special one. He takes your hands, looks you deep in the eyes before his lips meet yours.


Preference #7 : stormy winters day

Niall:     Outside it looks like the day after tomorrow, but you both don’t care, cuddling and joking on the settee. With Niall you can be the most carefree person even if the weather is about to tear you down. He just has to laugh and nothing else counts anymore. The whole day, it’s only him and you. Something that fades away all your worries.

Louis:     “Don’t you dare!”, you scream but he’s faster and catch you. Not even a second later the snow is on your face. “Told you, you’ll regret the snowball.”, he giggles and was about to run away had your foot not been in his way. Louis falls in the snow, now his face full of it, too. You take a seat on his back and whispering in his ear “Revenge.” before kissing him on his cold, snowy lips. It was one of his best ideas to take the chance of the bad weather when everyone’s staying at home.

Harry:     “I guess, we can forget the christmas shopping?”, you ask while looking outside. It’s snowing all day. The weather destroys all your plans, but you try to keep your happy face. “Yeah, I think so, love.”, Harry sighs, turning off the tv. “And what do we do now? I’ve work next week, no time to buy any presents.” Both sitting there, no clue how to solve this problem, with the laptop right in front of you. “(Y/N)?” Harry start laughing. You look at him irritated. “Yes?” “What about online shopping?” Finding the worst and the best, you both spend the day searching for presents on the internet.

Liam:     The snow falls so thick that you can’t even see the other side of the street. This weather always makes you sleepy and unmotivated. You turn around in the bed and face Liam, paying attention that your duvet covers every little inch of you. “I could spend the whole day in the bed.” He laughs. “Me too. But what if you take the pillow and the covers, putting them on the settee and waiting for me, till I join you with two cups of hot chocolate.” You smile, giving him a kiss. “Sounds great.”

Zayn:     “(Y/N)? What movie?” He sits in front of the shelf like a little kid, already his sweat pants on like you. It’s almost a tradition. Bad weather means movie, cuddling and a relaxing day. You came in with the tea in one hand and the popcorn in the other. “Your choice. Some sweets too?” Totally focued in the choice of the movie, you can hear a mumbled ‘Yes, please.’

Have a merry merry christmas!

Wishing all of you a merry christmas and that you can spend it with the ones you love!

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Preference #6 : Late night phone call

Niall:     “Niall? What’s wrong with you? It’s 3 am!”, you mumble while searching the light switch. “Oh! So sorry, babe. The time difference. I’m not the best at mathematic.” It’s hard to keep your eyes open, but you can’t resist the opportunity to speak with him. You haven’t heard his voice during the last few days. He’s very busy while touring. So you just sit up a bit. “No! No, it’s okay. Really.” “Sure? I mean we can talk later if you want?” He doesn’t seem convinced. You can tell by his voice how he feels. Not just happy or mad, you can tell about his face expression. “It’s alright. I’ve missed your voice, so I’m glad that you’ve called. The time doesn’t matter.” You know, you sound more than sad, because the fact that you miss him can’t be blown away by this single call. Fidding with the hem of your shirt, well his shirt, one single tear runs down your cheek. “(Y/N), I miss you, too. More than anything else. But, hey! Let’s not talk about it. I see you soon, right? So tell me, how was your day? Or night or… well… How are you?” You start telling him what you’ve done the whole week long. The tears of sadness soon turn into tears of laughing after the 1 hour phone call. You can’t help, but go to bed again with a big smile. “Only two weeks.”, you repeat to yourself.

Louis:     Dizzy and not really awake you pick up the phone. “Hello?” “Hey (Y/N)! How are you? How is your sleep?” Louis’ voice shouts in your ear. It’s like he has waited the whole evening to call you till you’re asleep. “Are you kidding me? Louis, please tell me it’s something important.” Starring in the dark and not knowing if this is a dream, you hear him answer: “Can’t a boyfriend call his lovely girlfriend, if he misses her? I think that’s very important.” You fall back into the pillows, hearing some of the boys laughing in the backround while Louis told them to be quiet. “It’s a prank, right? It is.” “Well, it was supposed to be one. Clever you.” he says cheekily. You look at your alarm clock, which shows you a time, that isn’t normal for a prank call. “I swear to god, Louis, if you’ve called me for nothing more than to have a nice laugh, I’ll call you every night at this time from now on.” “Oh no, love, sorry. No..well… I miss you. Really.” Even if he wakes you up so early in the morning, you can’t stay mad at him for long. “Your luck that I love you. But be aware of my revenge. So, babe, how are you?” You make your way to the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea, while Louis tells you about literally every minute of his day. It’s kind of cute how he tries to sound masculine and adult-like while beeing excited like a little kid. He speaks till you’re asleep again, before ending the call with a simple “I love you”.

Harry:     You always had your problems with falling asleep without Harry. It’s like your body knows that there is something missing and waits for it. But tonight he’s not coming home. Harry’s on tour and you miss him already. You tried your best to fall asleep alone. Every sleeping position you know, every hint your mother gaves you when you were younger, every place you could sleep (bed, sofa, …) was tested and nothing helps you. It’s 2 am and you sit alone in bed, hugging a pillow with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and your mobile phone in the other. Should you call him? Of course, he said you can call him at any hour. It doesn’t take long time till you hear his voice, quiet, whispering, but awake. “Hello love! What’s wrong? It’s like 2 in the morning in London?!” You put the pillow away, not feeling alone anymore, after hearing him. “Nothing. I’m just… I can’t fall asleep. But why asking me what time is it, yours’ not better. Like 4 or 5, isn’t it?” He doesn’t answer for a few moments, but then there is a door-closing-sound. “Harry?” “Sorry. Louis’ sleeping.Apparently he snores louder if there is noise in the room. So now I’m sitting in front of the door to speak to you without these annoying sounds in the backround. And yeah it’s quarter to five, but it’s hard to fall asleep alone.” You take a deep breath, trying hard not to cry, because you know how he hates to hear you cry. “I miss you, Hazz.”, you whisper, taking a nip of your chocolate. “Miss you, too (Y/N). But it’s not long till I’m back.” It is his way of cheering you up: talking all night long with you about nearly everything.

Liam:     “It’s extremly hot here and sunny. I feel like I’ve never seen a sun shine so bright like here.”, Liam tells you on the phone. He’s in America promoting and stuff, while you sit in the kitchen in London, listen to his stories. “Tell me more. Any beach-beauties?” , you ask playfully, knowing you can trust him 100 percent. “Of course, but I just saw her on a picture on my phone. She is gorgeous.” You stop in your movement, waiting what comes next. “All a man could ask for: beautiful, nice smile, her eyes just like the ocean, clever. But you know what? There’s one thing I haven’t noticed yet. She looks alot like you. Wait, oh, it is you.” You finally breathe, realizing it was all a joke. “Liam! You scared me. Not funny.” “Sorry love, wasn’t my intention. Just wanted to tell you how great you are.” You blush and even though he can’t see it, you’re sure he knows. “Thank you. But not as great as you.” You hear him laughing, a sound that you miss so badly. But you don’t want to speak about missing. It will only tear you down. “Babe?” his laughing away. “Yeah?” “Do you know, that we’ve talked 2 hours? Time runs fast.” You chuckle while putting your cup away. “2 and a half, if our bad-connected skype call counts.” Preparing to go to bed, you close the window, switch the light off and cuddle yourself in the cozy bed. “But then, it’s like 3 am in London!” “Yes, it is.” you giggle, knowing his face expression too well. “Why haven’t you said something? You must be tired.”. It’s like he has made the greatest discovery in the world. “Not really. And listen to your stories of the day is even better than sleeping.” You can’t hold your yawning, so it’s obvious for him that you’re tired. Denying wouldn’t help. “(Y/N), we talk later. You need your sleep. So good night, love, and sleep well. I love you.” “I Love you, too.” It’s always sad to end a call, but you know, he won’t break his promise to call you later.

Zayn:     You hear him laughing. “Zayn, that wasn’t even funny.” You’re glad he can’t see your smile and the way you try your best to avoid laughing out loud. “It was. I know you have to laugh too.” He tolds you one of the most stupid jokes, you’ve ever heard, but it’s always like this that these ones are the best. “okay, was my last one for tonight. so tell me, how was your day?” It’s kind of weird that he’s asking that, because you saw him in the morning. But nevertheless you tell him every little thing of your day. The wrong spelled name on your starbucks, the jealous women at work, what you’ve eaten. And in return he tells you his day. It’s like a tradition, when you both can’t spend the night together. “I miss you. You should be here by my side.” he whines. “You’re 10 minutes away, Zayn. But no, stay home. It’s too late. We’ll have breakfast tomorrow in this little cafe you discovered a few weeks ago.” Sure, you’d like to have him near you, cuddle with him, kissing him, but it’s late and you’re both tired. “Sounds good. But then, I’ll tell you another joke Louis has told me today.” You’re already laughing, while he tries to tell without a mistake.

Preference #5 : message he leaves you when he has to get up early for work

Niall:     “Sorry that I can’t give you the good morning you deserve. Maybe the breakfast in the kitchen can make you feel as special as you are. I try to be home as soon as possible. Enjoy your day off. *Imaginary kiss* Niall”

Louis:     “Goodmorning love! You look hungry (but in an attractive way ;) ) To redress the morning without me, like to have lunch? Wait for me in the little restaurant down the street. I love you xoxo “

Harry:     “How is your morning love? Text me when you wake up. First morning after a long time without your sexy wake-up-look. Miss it already. I call you when we finish here. Till then, make sure that you know that I love you!”

Liam:     “So sorry that you’ll have to find this little paper instead of me by your side. But I know that you’ll forget this soon when I say that I have a special surprise for you. Wait for me later downstairs. I love you <3 “

Zayn:     ” Goodmorning boo. Sleep well? Call me or text me. I’ve planed a nice evening at home for us? Maybe movie night. Depends on what you want. Or going out. So call me. Need to hear your voice! <3 “

Preference #4 : the song he connects with you

Niall:     Crazy Love - Michael Bublé

Every single line in this song describes his feelings and the things he appreciate in your relationship. He has never expected so much and so he’s thankful for what you give him- crazy love.

Louis:     It’s for you - the Fray

This song is so full of love and unconditionality like your relationship. He would do everything just to see you smile, to hear your laugh. Only for you…

Harry:     Only love - Ben Howard

You both try to stay in physical contact. It doesn’t matter if it’s a touch, holding hands, cuddling, kissing,… He always tries to make it as clear as possible that you are his and he is your only love…

Liam:     Kiss me - Ed Sheeran

He needs you like you need him. That’s the special thing in your relationship. You trust each other so much and no matter what’s in your way, you solve the problems together. You’ve been feeling everything, from hate to love, from love to lust, from lust to truth. That’s just how you know each other…

Zayn:     Head Over Heels - Vogue in Movement

He’s completely in love with you and everything you are. And he still can’t believe that you’re his. This song is equally intense and full of love as your relationship. So you both could say, you’re head over heels…

Preference #3: You try to leave during an argument

Niall:    It doesn’t matter if you say something or not. He’s so in his own yelling and doesn’t pay attention on you. But you’re not better than him by doing the same since 20 min. The whole situation is hopeless and you have enough of screaming. “You know what? If you can’t deal with it, I’ll go.”, you scream to finally end this senseless thing. Of course you’re not willing to leave him forever. But this argument has gone too far. “Great!”, he slams the door of your bedroom and all what’s left is silence. You take your bag, not really sure what this means now. Was it the end? Fear rushes through your veins. That’s not what you’ve expected and what you want. Nevertheless you open the door, still insisting on your decision. There he was, sitting on the floor, his head down. “You don’t have to.”, he whispers and looks up to you. It’s impossible to go without paying attention on him. So you sit next to him and lay your head on his shoulder. “I don’t want to.” Softly, he kisses your hair and takes your hand. Just to make clear, that you two belong together, no matter what happens.

Louis:    You just sit there, listen to what he yells. It doesn’t interest you, because it’s pointless. How he tries to make a drama out of nothing. “Did you hear me?”, he asks, finally the first question you want to answer. “No. No, Louis, because I don’t want to listen.” He looks at you with disbelieve and starts again with explaining how annoying this is. How annoying you are, when he’s trying to speak about something important with you. “Stop it! I’m sitting here, listen to all the rubbish you are talking and not saying a word. But don’t you dare to say to me that you can’t talk with me about important things. I always try to bring them up. If you don’t notice, then think about it while I’m away.” Realising your words, his hand grabbed your wrist before you could get out of the room, begging you to stay. “No, please. I’m sorry. I haven’t thought about what I’ve said. Just-” It’s that something in his eyes, you know that it sounds more than stupid, but this look makes you forget all the problems. All you want is just a nice evening with him and without fighting over unnecessary things. “Shh. Let’s just forget this.”, you say, kissing him, hugging him, only to get rid of the distance between you two.

Harry:   “You don’t know how I feel. I can’t deal with it.”, you yell at him, trying to make him speak. It’s always the same when you fight. He says it’s your fault, you try to defend yourself, he leaves you alone with your thoughts, you yell them at him and he acts like it’s not his business. “Harry! Don’t you want to say something?” It’s hopeless. You began to cry not knowing what you could do to get a reaction of him. But he still sits there unmoving, his way to show you that he’s angry. “Fine.” This is too much. You stand up, get your shoes on and pick up your jacket. A last time you try to speak with him: “So, I go.” - No reaction. It’s not that you’ve expected something. You turn around and grab the keys, the anger now replaced by sadness. As you turned the door handle, he finally spoke. “Don’t. Please stay.” You stop in your movement. “Why?” It’s a whisper, but you know that he hears it; he stands behind you. “Because you want to. And I want to. We can work this out together. I promise. But stay.” His hand now on top of yours. You turn around, look him right in the eyes and it’s clear that you wont go.

Liam:     You can’t remember the reason why you two are fighting. It’s not a loud fight, nobody yells, but words can hurt more than anything else. You escalate all with getting personal. He tries to defend himself, but could not resist to get personal, too. The anger comes up and so you find yourself saying “I should go. Maybe all will be easier for you.” As soon as the door is closed, the tears went down your face. This is too much to handle. You two had never an argument like this and you begin to regret every single word. Just as you’re out of the appartment, you realise that you forgot your jacket, but going back wasn’t an option. So you sit down on the stairs, waiting for nothing. “Isn’t it cold outside?”, his voice appears behind you. “Maybe.” Sure, you want to tell him that you’re sorry and that this whole fighting thing is nonsense, but you’re too stubborn. Although it’s cold, you only stand up, not making a move to get in. “I’m sorry. This shouldn’t have come so far.” You begin to cry. Not knowing what’s going on with you, you run in Liam’s arms, where he holds you till all gets better.

Zayn:   "That’s not the point. You don’t understand me." The tears went down your face. You and Zayn fighting over little things. Not really important, but both of you can’t stop. "Then explain. But I guess, you can’t, right? It’s always the same. Always my fault." You can see the anger in his eyes and it’s clear that nobody could win this. Instead of trying to convince him that you’re right, you go in your bedroom, packing some clothes. "What are you doing?", he asks after following you. "I’m packing, Zayn.", you try to sound strong, but your voice showed him your feelings. One look in the mirror and you see, that he feels the same. "But why? We can work this out. Don’t go, please." Him, beggin you to stay, makes you weak. You don’t want to leave, even if it’s only for a night. But you have to. "It’s only one night. Just to think about it without the emotions." You close your bag and turn around, but there is Zayn standing at the door. "Could you please let me go?" "No, I can’t. Listen, (Y/N), just…please. We can talk, you know. Or we can say nothing, but leaving isn’t an option. That won’t help and-" You can’t be quiet, if you see him like this. "Zayn. Zayn! It’s okay. I stay. It was dumb to think leaving would help. I’m so sorry." Just a few seconds later, your bag lands in the edge of the room and you find yourself in an intense kiss.